Lack of Sleep Will Make You Fat

Not getting enough sleep good quality sleep, does far more than just make you feel tired and grumpy. It negatively affects you in just about every way you can think of, including massively hindering your fat loss efforts.

There are several ways in which, not having had enough sleep screws with your ability to lose body fat.

1. Your metabolism slows down, meaning you burn less calories, no matter what you do.

2. Your insulin sensitivity decreases, meaning more of the carbs you eat will be stored as body fat.

3. Your body craves carbohydrates, which obviously coupled with a decrease in insulin sensitivity is a disaster. More of the carbs you eat gets turned to fat and your body is literally begging you to eat more carbs.

4. Your energy levels plummet, leaving you far less able and willing to be physically active.

5. Your nervous system activity is dialled down, meaning even if you have the will power to work out, despite feeling like crap, you won’t physically be able to work as hard as if you had slept well. Nervous system activity is directly in control of how hard and how frequently you can contract your muscles. Put simply your strength and endurance both decrease.

6. Cortisol levels increase, which can increase abdominal fat storage and lean muscle break down. A pretty nasty double whammy for anyone wanting to be lean, strong and healthy.

The answer is simple, make a good night’s sleep an absolute number one priority for health and fitness. Pretty much every single area of your life will improve, if you get into the habit of sleeping better.

About Nick

Nick has gained over 20 years’ experience and knowledge with successfully coaching numerous people in reaching their fitness goals, a background in amateur boxing, competing at club and championship level. He currently competes in powerlifting and has a passion for all things strength, health and performance that spans nearly 30 years. And with a commitment to continual development as a coach and trainer, with influences such as; Dr Aaron Horschig (squat university), Dr Layne Norton, Stefi Cohen, Wim Hof, Jordan Syatt, Eddie Coan, Jim Wendler, Mark Bell, Christian Thibaudeau and Omar Isuf to name a few. Nick strives to better not only himself, but all those he helps.

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Real Results

In my mind I knew what I was doing. I was a keen runner and studied A level PE in 1994. What could anyone teach me?

I have known Nick for over 20 years but it was not until Jan 2013 that I decided to listen and take his advice. Because I had run and studied exercise I never thought there was much anyone could do for me. How wrong could I have been? I needed to lose a stone at least and despite my running could not shift it. Within a week of providing my current diet Nick had sorted a new diet and exercise plan to cut the fat. That is where the story started. I stuck to his plan to the letter and saw the visual results within a month.

I could not believe how my fitness had increased too with what seemed to me not much time spent on cardio! HIIT was the way forward. Nick continued to develop and manage my goals throughout the year with simple yet effective and easy to follow training plans. His knowledge of training plans and how diet and the body work to achieve results is second to none.

His flexibility to adapt training plans to what I have wanted is also a plus. In January 2013 I wanted to go back to running and tried my 1st 10k race for a few years. As a result of his training plan I managed 6-minute miling and finished in the top 100 of a 1000 strong field.

If you are in need of a switch and looking for some professional advice on weight loss or training plans then I cannot recommend Nick highly enough.

If you are committed about training and think you are achieving your best I would urge you to think again and consult Nick to take you a step or two further.