The Key to Successful Goal Setting

Pretty much all worthwhile accomplishments start with a goal or even a dream. Goal setting is quite simply, essential to your success, otherwise what is your driving force, what is your motivation, what are you actually working for!?

But to make goal setting a powerful ally in whatever you are trying to achieve, instead of just some vague idea, we need to look at smart goal setting. Now that’s not some bull crap acronym such as Specific, Manageable, Achievable, Realistic and Targeted. Those kind of acronyms are useless in my opinion, they’re just fluff thrown at you on seminars and workshops, to make the content sound more intelligent. What I mean, is simply being a little smarter with your goal setting, having a workable plan with targets, time frames and a plan of action.

There are two opposing schools of thought when it comes to goal setting; the ‘dream big, think big’ goal setting and the ‘realistic’ goal setters. Both have their pros and cons and used independently of one another, as they most often are, greatly diminishes their effectiveness.

Combining the two philosophies in a well-structured and planned way is the key to successful goal setting.

I will use myself as an example; I want to deadlift 300kg, at the moment I can pull around 200kg, so this is a pretty big goal, factor in my age, my genetics and my training experience and my goal is far from what would be considered realistic.

It is a huge motivator, I will need to be seriously strong to achieve this lift, but if I focused solely on this single target, I would be setting myself up for a lot of failure and disappointment, it is going to take considerable time and consistent effort to reach this goal. All that disappointment can take its toll, self-belief is shaken and motivation fades, ever increasing my risk of giving up.

This is where the ‘realistic’ goals come in, by breaking down the ‘dream big’ goal into smaller goals, with a workable plan and a deadline to achieve them, such as; increasing my deadlift by 5kg in one month, 30kg in six months, 60kg in twelve months and so on, I am now able to work on a relatively small goal, within a set time frame, whilst keeping one eye on the ‘dream big’ long term goal.

The ‘dream big’ goal gives me the desire to get my arse in the gym, to take action in the first place, the small ‘realistic’ goals keep me motivated and confident, as I continue to make steady progress, ticking off little goals as I march towards the big goal.

Using the approach to goal setting will give you the desire of a big change, the big result, whilst slowly building your confidence and keeping you motivated with the small victories and successes.

What do you want to achieve? Get smart with your goal setting for success.

About Nick

Nick has gained over 20 years’ experience and knowledge with successfully coaching numerous people in reaching their fitness goals, a background in amateur boxing, competing at club and championship level. He currently competes in powerlifting and has a passion for all things strength, health and performance that spans nearly 30 years. And with a commitment to continual development as a coach and trainer, with influences such as; Dr Aaron Horschig (squat university), Dr Layne Norton, Stefi Cohen, Wim Hof, Jordan Syatt, Eddie Coan, Jim Wendler, Mark Bell, Christian Thibaudeau and Omar Isuf to name a few. Nick strives to better not only himself, but all those he helps.

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Real Results

In my mind I knew what I was doing. I was a keen runner and studied A level PE in 1994. What could anyone teach me?

I have known Nick for over 20 years but it was not until Jan 2013 that I decided to listen and take his advice. Because I had run and studied exercise I never thought there was much anyone could do for me. How wrong could I have been? I needed to lose a stone at least and despite my running could not shift it. Within a week of providing my current diet Nick had sorted a new diet and exercise plan to cut the fat. That is where the story started. I stuck to his plan to the letter and saw the visual results within a month.

I could not believe how my fitness had increased too with what seemed to me not much time spent on cardio! HIIT was the way forward. Nick continued to develop and manage my goals throughout the year with simple yet effective and easy to follow training plans. His knowledge of training plans and how diet and the body work to achieve results is second to none.

His flexibility to adapt training plans to what I have wanted is also a plus. In January 2013 I wanted to go back to running and tried my 1st 10k race for a few years. As a result of his training plan I managed 6-minute miling and finished in the top 100 of a 1000 strong field.

If you are in need of a switch and looking for some professional advice on weight loss or training plans then I cannot recommend Nick highly enough.

If you are committed about training and think you are achieving your best I would urge you to think again and consult Nick to take you a step or two further.