Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

Ditch the traditional breakfast and start thinking outside the (cereal) box.

We’ve all heard how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet for most people it is either the worst, most nutritionally devoid meal of the day or its skipped altogether. This is a terrible start to your day, your mood, your energy levels and your fat burning capability.

One of the most common questions I get from clients concerning nutrition is, what to eat for breakfast, people really struggle with getting a good breakfast without eating the same thing every day.

There two problems people face when trying to crack the breakfast code. The good news is neither of them are that hard to overcome. Problem number one is being stuck in this traditional mind-set that we can only eat certain foods for breakfast, some of the responses I get from clients when I tell them they can eat chicken or steak for breakfast are priceless, you’d think id committed heresy, but the thing is, tradition has nothing to do with what your body actually needs and behind those traditions are industries trying to influence and make money from you. The grain (cereal) and dairy industries anyone?

There is a mountain of evidence that supports the fact that human beings have not evolved to eat grains, and do you really think we should be drinking another animal’s milk? Probably not. It’s all about money, the grain and dairy industries are absolutely massive and worth billions. They have worked tirelessly for years to create a belief in the general public that cereal, milk and toast along with your morning cuppa is the perfect start to the day. Ladies and gents, it’s time to ditch that belief.

Problem number two ties in with the reason many of us actually skip breakfast all together, lack of time. In our fast paced, sleep deprived modern society many of us drag ourselves from our beds with barely enough time to shower and get dressed before we rush off to work.

My response is quite sharp, make time! Go to bed earlier and get up earlier, late night TV isn’t more important than your health. The fact you feel you need to stay up late and have some ‘me time’, watching crap on TV is down to the fact that you are tired and pissed off all day. Getting into the habit of sleeping better and eating a good breakfast will do wonders for your health and how you feel on a daily basis, you will actually start to enjoy your days and no longer feel the need to stay up late watching TV every night to unwind.

So what kind of things can you eat for breakfast I hear you say? Well as this is a fat loss tip, our choices of breakfast will be high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates, because we all know we need to eat fat to lose fat and limit carbs to prevent fat gain, and of course protein is a given as the most important macro.

The 5 breakfast ideas below all take less than 20 minutes to prepare, cook and eat.

1. The meat & nuts breakfast. This one has been popularised by world leading strength coach, Charles Poliquin and rightly so, it will provide all the nutrients you need to get the best start to your day. Try a piece of ribeye steak about the size of your palm, lightly seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper, pan fried for a few minutes (I like mine rare) in coconut oil, let it stand for a couple of minutes and serve with 3 or 4 cherry tomatoes and a handful of almonds.

2. Boiled eggs with asparagus soldiers. Take 3 asparagus spears, lightly season them with sea salt and black pepper, wrap them in baking paper and grill on a grilling machine al la George Foreman style, for a few minutes. Whilst they are grilling, soft boil your eggs. Voila!

3. Chicken kebabs. I prefer to prepare these the night before, but it only takes about 5 minutes. Take a diced chicken breast, some cherry tomatoes, some closed cup button mushrooms, a chopped red bell pepper and half a chopped red onion (chop the pepper and onion into little chunks). Using 3 or 4 wooden skewers, make up skewer kebabs with the chicken and assorted veg. either wrap in baking paper and grill on a George Forman of simply stick them under the grill, turning a couple of times. These will take around 10 minutes to cook and make a much more interesting breakfast than a bowl of frosties!

4. Ok so you sleep in and need something really quick! Take one blender, 2 scoops of whey protein powder, a handful of blueberries, a handful of brazil nuts, a table spoon of flax seeds and a handful of raw spinach, add water, blend and drink. Now tell me you haven’t got time!

5. Prawn omelette. Chop 3 tiger prawns, half a green bell pepper, dice a couple of button mushrooms add to a bowl with a sprinkle of grated organic cheese (yes cheese is processed, but remember the 80% rule), crack 2 or 3 organic eggs into the bowl, mix it up then fry on a medium heat in coconut oil for a few minutes. Super tasty and takes minutes to prepare and cook.

These are just 5 ideas that work great on any healthy fat loss plan, once you remove the ‘traditional breakfast’ blinkers you will be able to come up with loads of great breakfast ideas yourself. It’s time to start realising the reality that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’.

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Nick has gained over 20 years’ experience and knowledge with successfully coaching numerous people in reaching their fitness goals, a background in amateur boxing, competing at club and championship level. He currently competes in powerlifting and has a passion for all things strength, health and performance that spans nearly 30 years. And with a commitment to continual development as a coach and trainer, with influences such as; Dr Aaron Horschig (squat university), Dr Layne Norton, Stefi Cohen, Wim Hof, Jordan Syatt, Eddie Coan, Jim Wendler, Mark Bell, Christian Thibaudeau and Omar Isuf to name a few. Nick strives to better not only himself, but all those he helps.

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